FIDA Prayer
Heavenly Father,
look down upon us with compassion
and always bless our undertakings,
so that we may move FIDA forward
toward the meaningful attainment
of all its goals.

Let us not be touched by discouragement
when we find the going rough;
when we see that cooperation is inadequate;
when funding is not enough;
or when we feel that the fruits we envision
do not seemingly come.

Instead, renew our dedication,
stoke the fire within us
and strengthen our resolve,
so that all of us may contribute to the betterment
not only of FIDA,
but of our society,
and ultimately of the world.

These we ask
in the name of Your Son Jesus,
who taught us to call You Father.

What is FIDA?
FIDA stands for Federacion Internacional de Abogadas or International Federation of Women Lawyers. It was founded in 1944. Today, it has about 72 member countries and is accorded consultative status by the United Nations.

Be part of us
Know the FIDA chapter nearest you.

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