1. To contribute to the promotion of cordial international relations on the basis of equality and mutual respect of all peoples.

  2. To promote and enhance the welfare of women and children growing out the awareness that on women’s and children’s well-being depend the stability and happiness of the home and strength of society.

  3. To encourage the study of comparative law to promote better comprehension of peoples from different parts of the world.

  4. To identify specific problems that affect women lawyers and providing solutions therefore.

  5. To promote the welfare of women lawyers throughout the country towards enhancing their standing in the local and international community of professionals.

  6. To contribute to the improved administration of justice by:

    1. making available legal aid to indigents;

    2. upholding and protecting the rights of women and children;

    3. studying ways and means of affording basic legal education to non-lawyers; and

    4. initiating and undertaking necessary judicial reforms.


To uphold the dignity and promote the well-being of the legal profession;

To enhance the standing of Filipino lady lawyers in the local and international community of professionals;

To assist in the speedy, orderly and impartial administration of justice;

To give meaning to human rights through legal aid to the needy and/or indigent and provide basic legal education to non-lawyers by the dissemination of legal information through seminars, lectures, magazines, radio, television and other forms of media;

To provide continuing legal education to members of the legal professions, update them on current laws and jurisprudence;

To represent the country in the FIDA and other associations, whether foreign or local and to hold conventions of women lawyers in the Philippines on an international, regional, or national level, and for such purpose to undertake any transaction and do everything necessary to ensure its success;

To publish or print in newspapers, journals, magazines, or books, legal articles, research projects, minutes and proceedings of the association and the like, for the purpose of further implementing the aims and objective of the Association;

To encourage legal research and writing of articles of interest to the legal profession and to solicit and/or grant subsidies, prizes and awards therefore.


The organization of competent Filipino women lawyers dedicated to the improvement of the administration of justice, the upliftment of the welfare of women and children and the enhancement of the standing of its members.


Committed to the fullest development of its members towards the effective administration of justice with focus on women and children.

What is FIDA?
FIDA stands for Federacion Internacional de Abogadas or International Federation of Women Lawyers. It was founded in 1944. Today, it has about 72 member countries and is accorded consultative status by the United Nations.

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